Friday, July 17, 2020

Halloween Art & Travel Podcast

I always enjoy listening to a good podcast when I'm in the studio. Music keeps me steadfast on a project but listening to conversations about Halloween  makes it all seem a bit less alone.

Recently I took a break from HauntCast which is probably the most well known Halloween podcast, and tried  "The Halloween Art & Travel Podcast produced by Kersten Stafford. It's not on the same production level as HauntCast but Kersten's podcasts consist of interesting interviews with well known artisans that create collectable Halloween art pieces. They also discuss different events and shows where this type of Halloween art is sold.

While I'm not a collector of this sort of Halloween decor, (mostly because I cant afford it), I like to listen to how the artist started out and got involved in what they do. Some of the artists are quite funny and don't mind sharing their failure stories as well as their successes. I always find it a treat to learn about the wrong roads people take on their journey to a position of success. Makes me feel like there still might be some hope for me! I know all the "wrong roads" the best!

Ive listened to all but the most recent artist, Karen Steinkraus: "Herloom Victorian Witch Hats".  Kevin Buntin: "It all started With Clay on a Stick" and Tom Taggert: "Making Monsters and Mischief" are my favorites so far. Ive seen Tom Taggert's work in the past, ( I love his skeleton character designs), so it was a treat to hear his interview.

Artist Tom Taggert

"Bookshelf Monsters" by Tom Taggert
Photos property of Tom Taggert

If you need something new to listen to while your working on your Halloween projects, give the "Halloween Art and Travel" podcast a listen!

While I find horror book and movie review podcasts a little boring, if anyone has another that they enjoy, please let me know!


  1. Wow - cool. All those titles sound intriguing. I will have to give it a listen. Love that you are back in the workshop. Does that mean I can look forward to a new creation from you?

    1. Still mulling over what to do. Ive gotten rid of some of my cemetery pieces last year but now it sure looks like a static display may be the only option due to this damn pandemic..

  2. Thanks Mark! Sounds interesting, I will give a listen.