Thursday, August 30, 2012

Halloween Horror Nights 22

Details About the seven haunted mazes have been completely revealed. This year the park is one big "scare zone" with no safe areas between the haunted mazes... not sure I'm liking that too much. Last year was nice having areas to relax without fear of being attacked, mutilated, and or eaten...

I am looking forward to the "Gothic House" a cathedral under renovation with gothic arches, high ceilings, and attacking gargoyles. There is also a Universal "classic" monster house this year that should be pretty cool.

Lots of descriptions at the official site or at .

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spirit Visit

Visited a local Spirit Store today. Although Belinda liked the swinging zombie girl, with that haunting, laughing, child rhyming sound that creeps people out, no sale today Spirit. Sorry.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ghost Skull Column

This was an ever evolving project that started out as one thing, and morphed into a stone column, with a revolving ghost skull that has risen from the fires of hell... well, something like that anyways! Belinda spent hours on the foam block stones and sculpting the inside, not to mention getting the paint just right so the red LED's would glow in the right areas. The wood frame started out as an aquarium canopy project gone bad
( must remember "measure two times, cut once") so it only required a few adjustments to become the Ghost Skull Column.

We're not happy with the skull quality for this project but no Halloween stores are open in our area yet. Possibility of fog too if we can find one that small.

I also made a video using some editing software on an Ipad so it could be seen revolving. It was my first attempt at video editing. I can see where that might get very addictive!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A New Head

We finally received our caretaker's head in the mail yesterday!!

After a visit to the Salvation Army Store and the Home Depot for building supplies, Belinda got the body built, less the hands and head. My part was to order the head from Caufield's ( my work never ends...) . More photos maybe a video once he's fully assembled!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Venomous Swan

Take a look at these cool photograph prints I found today that use one of the Skull Shoppe skulls. These are a couple sample works from Jane Egerton at "Venomous Swan". Checked out her Society 6 store today and there are a whole bunch of art prints that appeal to my inclination toward the macabre this time of year.
"Vanitas" Used with permission of Jane Egerton, all rights reserved

"Yellow" Used with permission of Jane Egerton, all rights reserved

Now I just need to convince Belinda we need one of these to make the annual Fall conversion of my wood shop to our prop shop be more Halloween-ish!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

First completed Build 2012 Shingle Creek Manor

Belinda completed our first 2012 tombstone. The basic design inspired by a tombstone in Highgate Cemetery, London. She built it in three parts for easier storage. It's also the first coffin cover of our cemetery.

Added a little LED lighting in the garage for an idea of Halloween night look.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mini-Coffin for Willie

Seems fellow haunter of One Pine Cemetery, Cylon Frog Queen (CFQ) didn't have an appropriate home for her three foot skelly, "Willie". CFQ gave her haunter husband, Hamm, the raised eyebrow indicating this was unacceptable, and Hamm went to work building the first of his mini toe pinchers for a new Black Plague theme in their cemetery. Hamm says it was inspired by a design by Personally, I think it turned out darn good and especially dig the unique cross design on the lid! Now everyone is happy and Willie has a home in the One Pine Cemetery.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yankee Candle Halloween Preview Party

Yankee Candle had it's Halloween Preview Party Saturday for the release of it's 2012 Boney Bunch, assorted Halloween candle "do-dads" and the Fall line of scented candles. My son talked to the manager the night before who told him to be there early before they opened because there would be a line at the door. He was targeting some Boney Bunch pieces he and his girlfriend wanted. Although I doubted there would be a line at the Yankee Candle, we got up early, and the family drove over together armed with a catalog the manager provided him and some  $10 off coupons. We arrived ten minutes before they opened and their WAS a line! It was like a miniature Black Friday pre-Christmas moment at the Yankee Candle Store.. but for Halloween!

I know some of my blogging friends had a negative experience at their particular Yankee Candle and it was far from a "Party", but for us it was sort of fun and we all bought our overpriced candle stuff and even watched some of it sell out fast in the time we were there. Unfortunately there were no foggers, spooky music or Halloween costumes (although the employees had these orange coily things in their hair). We got our "free give-away" tickets at the door but weren't about to stand around for an hour for the drawing, I mean if you've ever been inside a Yankee Candle store then you know the  overwhelming different scents subject you to hallucinations after about 20 minutes.

Belinda and I bought a couple tart burners and a Boney Bunch candy dish for home and one for her work. We had the "Kitchen Spice" tarts which are really good and bought "Apple Pumpkin" and "Harvest Welcome".

Is this guy cool or what? The eyes light up switching from red to blue and I think it looks like he is flipping me the bird...literally!