Friday, March 21, 2014

Making Monsters - Cancelled

I noticed I always get quite a few visitors to my blog posts about Travel Channel's "Making Monsters" that airs in the Fall. "Making Monster's is about  Ed and Marsha and their crew at "Distortions Unlimited" and the craziness of making props for the Halloween and haunt industry. Although I had heard rumors that it had been cancelled, Distortion's Unlimited posted the following this week on their Facebook page;

"Travel Channel has decided not to renew MAKING MONSTERS. It's been wonderful being a part of such an awesome project for the past 3 seasons! We've loved working with everyone at Travel ... and our film crew is absolutely the best!! ... so much fun! Thanks so much to all our customers and to everyone that watches the show ... you guys are the best! Please stay tuned ... we may not be filming MAKING MONSTERS, but Distortions is still making monsters ... forever : )"

ITunes carrys both season's episodes if your so inclined.. I've enjoyed their episodes and Belinda and I got to meet Ed and Marsha last year, very nice folks. We'll miss the program this Fall.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


While SyFy's "Face Off" has just been trudging along rather uneventfully for me this season, the network has a new series starting after "Face Off" tonight that I am optimistic about,  - "Carvers".

Premiering Tuesday, March 4, at 10 PM EST, "Carvers" is about artisans Ray Villafane and Andy Bergholz, two friends and their carving business. While this in and of itself sounds pretty mundane and would never have captured my attention, the last few years I've seen the work of Villafane and more recently Bergholz on Food Channel's "Pumpkin Wars". It's sort of become an October Halloween tradition for us to root for the "Pumpkin War" team with Ray Villafane or his partners and the pumpkin carvings are simply amazing to watch. I expect this new program will highlight some pretty cool creations.

You can get more info and a Carvers Sneak Peak on "Villafane Studios" at Facebook.