Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ghost Skull Column

This was an ever evolving project that started out as one thing, and morphed into a stone column, with a revolving ghost skull that has risen from the fires of hell... well, something like that anyways! Belinda spent hours on the foam block stones and sculpting the inside, not to mention getting the paint just right so the red LED's would glow in the right areas. The wood frame started out as an aquarium canopy project gone bad
( must remember "measure two times, cut once") so it only required a few adjustments to become the Ghost Skull Column.

We're not happy with the skull quality for this project but no Halloween stores are open in our area yet. Possibility of fog too if we can find one that small.

I also made a video using some editing software on an Ipad so it could be seen revolving. It was my first attempt at video editing. I can see where that might get very addictive!


  1. Nice work by both of you! I love when those projects just keep evolving into something new...your never sure what your going to end up with.
    This ones a winner.

  2. Thanks OB! I been watching for the latest Deadwood projects!