Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Ranting

Maybe it's just me but there always seems to be a direct correlation between how simple I think a project will be and the number of walls I run into trying to complete it. The simpler I think it will be in my mind the more complex it actually turns out to be. If I have instructions to follow most times projects flow smoothly, but if this is a ground up design and construction... Murphy's  Law seems to apply at every stage. The "Fun Scale" starts to decrease with each painful step until it just gets to the point where its an all out war to complete and  ZERO fun.

I was hoping to have a wood project completed in several weeks and it now stretches into its third month! With each step of design and assembly comes a new problem. There always seems to be another tool I don't have or another assembly procedure problem! Admittedly it feels good when I can solve a problem but couldn't each project be limited to say one or two problems? Does the whole project need to be the equivalent of a root canal?!

Okay, now I feel better....sort of. :)

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