Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Activities - Pre Prop Making

Busy weekend.... actually busy week but finished with Belinda and I going to see "Dark Shadows" at the movies. ...absolute disappointment. I wouldn't even know where to begin except don't expect it to be a dark comedy or a vampire movie. IMHO - It fails on both accounts, wait for the DVD...
...when it's in the five dollar or less bin.

Saturday we headed to Ocala for another Florida Haunters "Make and Take", and had a great time! Met some new haunters, saw some cool props, learned some new techniques and even skyped with a skull manufacturing company. I'll post some details over the next couple days. "Dr. Terror Eyes" (William Ramsay) hosted this event at the Masonic lodge which was a great venue. Dr. T gets an A- plus for technology allowing a haunter that couldn't attend to participate via Skype.

Want to say again, if you have a haunter's group in your state, hook up with them! It's nice to chat with other Halloween obsessives. If your in Florida, get in touch with me and join us! I believe our next one is in August in Ocala again.

Dr. Terror Eyes demonstrates his corpsing technique using a .5 mil painters drop cloth, a heat gun, and wood stain. Maureen Perez corpses one of her Bucky's (skeleton). One of the members also did one of the cheap "Blucky" skeletons. I didn't see how it turned out though. 

Finally, "Happy Mother's Day" to all you Mothers out there! Hope you have a special day!

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  1. I always worry about any movie (or TV show, for that matter) that is promoted heavily in the media (like "Dark Shadows" has) as it usually means the best of the movie (or TV show) is the trailer.

    Sad as I in general love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, but at a glance it didn't have the magic of Edward Scissorhands.