Friday, November 23, 2012

... And We're Off !!

It took a bit of patience, pre-planning, and a whole lotta' labor to put away the graveyard of Shingle Creek Manor this year without resorting to off site storage somewhere. All the while I plotted and planned for something even bigger this next year, of which I'm sure the reality of it not being possible with just the two of us will slap me in the face around mid-Summer. For now, the shop is back to normal and the props have been neatly put away, and the stress of Christmas is upon us...

We hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving and found plenty to thankful for. Although Christmas had already found it's way to our store shelves before Halloween had even arrived, the official starting flag was waved today with the ridiculousness of Black Friday. So like many of you we are running the race of gift buying, cookie making, Christmas card sending, food baking,  house decorating, before the big day panic that is Christmas. Good times....!

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  1. Christmas just doesn't get me pumped like Halloween but I'll pretend for the sake of the kids....