Sunday, April 14, 2013


Something ominous about a house with a weather-vane. Maybe because it's from a bygone era, a primitive science of telling the winds direction, or maybe because it's normally only seen on the old Victorian style homes, although I think a lot of barns in the North still have them. Either way it's a year-round Halloween feel to your home that doesn't just look like a neglected Halloween decoration that wasn't put away for the season.

 I spied this one at the "Dead End" haunt during our "Behind the Screams" tour of Halloween Horror Nights this past season.  It's actually manufactured as a Grim Reaper riding with his scythe. If you look close the artist that added it to the house removed the scythe and now it's just a cloaked rider. Nice touch I think.


  1. That is awesome! I intend on getting a witch or bat weather vane soon :) You're right, there is just something ominious and creepy about them :)

  2. A friend got one with a bat and a crescent moon that was very cool. Think I saw a witch one once too. Either would be a nice addition to the Countess mansion! Personally my roof is to darned high and steep for me to climb and I don't have any creepy pillars in front of my home to mount it on. I'll just have to enjoy everyone else's!

  3. That is very cool! I'd love one but my boring 1940's ranch would not do it justice and my husband's geekery (ham radio antennas and the weather station anemometer) are enough on the roof. Sigh. I'll just envy other people's!