Sunday, October 6, 2013


Started out the season "Ghosting" my son and his family!

We've enjoyed this tradition for the past few years, anonymously leaving baskets of Halloween treats and novelties at the door of neighbors, friends, and family, ringing the door bell, and running like hell. Admittedly, in some cases it has involved hiding around the corner of the house or behind a tree because I'm getting too old to be running like a mad man up and down the street.

You can Google the particulars of the tradition including the various "Ghosting" poems that explain to the unsuspecting victim what has happened and that it is their Halloween duty to repeat the process to their neighbors, friends and or family. You also get a picture of a ghost, or some variation thereof, to place in your window indicating you've been ghosted.

We did two baskets this year, one for the my son and his girlfriend and one for their four year old. Four year olds at Halloween make it all worth while. They sent us a short video clip of his excitement carrying his basket inside and sorting through it's contents, Good feelings for Halloween!

Blinking LED's and candy in a bowl always look good on a dark porch to a child

Treats differ for adults, bottle of witch's brew (Sangria) and some cheddar cheese instead of candy!


  1. What a lovely tradition, Mark! I'd never heard of it before but I'm going to start doing that for some of the neighbourhood children. Because you're right - it's the kids that really make the effort at Hallowe'en all worthwhile. Not that I go to near the trouble with my decorations that you do! :o)

    1. Thanks Insomniac, we like it. I'm sure crafty people can put together some awesome baskets but we just buy our items.

  2. How fun! I notice the Boney Bunch guy in there, too. Awesome!

  3. That was a recent special they had going on Lisa so we went back and bought a couple, one for the basket and one for us!

  4. I have never heard of this before, but it sounds like such a wonderful idea! I can imagine how excited your son's little boy must have been. Both gift baskets are lovely!