Monday, June 16, 2014

I Guess It Is All About The Details!

Fun stuff in the Mail today from Jeff Davis and Chris Davis, of The Davis Graveyard!

I remember reading a blog entry from Chris once about how much time they spend on the details of their yard display that she knew most people wouldn't even notice. Oh, how we CAN relate.

Though it seems the little details also carry over to the annual "Home Haunters Video Award" hosted by the Davis's. Today the Postman or Post person brought us the cool trophy we had won in one of  the award categories. Mailed along with the trophy was the announcement card in the original, now torn open, envelope that was read on the awards video . So while I was looking at the unique design of the trophy and what a nice touch the announcement card was, I almost missed it. On the torn envelope... a black wax seal with a little skull stamped into it. "ALMOST" I said Chris and Jeff! Details of haunterdom seldom elude me! Nice touch! Thanks guys!

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