Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Demon Gargoyle Finial

We needed to do a change up this year on our graveyard fence finials. The old ones haven't held up as well as hoped, and we wanted to give the fences a bit more character. Belinda spent the day sculpting this demon gargoyle type finial that we plan to add to the fence, perhaps along with some sort of spire type finials.

I was quite amazed at how well she did considering she has no background in sculpting. There are no experts in this house at molding and casting either, so we figured we better take a couple photos of the clay sculpt before we create a mold... just in case things don't go so well.

We've been off to a slow start for this season between Belinda's recuperating, unusually hot weather, and other life downers, but with this finial sculpt and what we've done so far on this years graveyard statue, I feel a bit better where we're at. From what I've read, seems like everyone feels they are a bit behind ...

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