Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Only 154 More To Go...

With the help of a friend that has far more knowledge and experience at molding and casting than I ever expect to have, I was able to complete the molds from Belinda's sculpts for our replacement finials. With only one mold for each of the two designs I have to cast them one at a time. Six down 154 more to go... think I will hate casting and painting resin when this is complete!

Used bronze powder to cold-cast the finials as a little memento.
The upper tier of the fence will have the twisted thorny barbs and the lower tier will have the demon gargoyle heads. The twisted barbs will be left flat black with a touch of rust like the rest of the fence. The gargoyle finials get just a touch of antique bronze paint to accent the details.

Gargoyle heads painted flat black and dry-brushed with antique bronze.
Pretty sure I didn't look this old when I started this project...

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