Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pre-Season Happenings at Shingle Creek Manor

Though it's early in the year for any haunt related builds (for us anyway), there have been some recent Halloween oriented things happening here at the manor.

First, we are excited to say our annual video won "Best International Yard Haunt" from the Canadian Haunter's Association, which was actually quite an unexpected surprise.

Special thanks to the CHA for hosting their awards program each year and letting us "international" folks participate. Also of of course, thanks to the judges for all their work. If you've ever tried to judge peoples yard displays, it really is quite a difficult task. We hope to attend The Midwest Haunter's Convention in June to receive their cool and unique trophy.
2015 CHA "Best International Yard Haunt"

Anyone that's ever had a one on one conversation with me regarding Halloween and haunting knows my all time favorite home haunt is "The Butcher of Provincetown".

The backstory, character development, costuming and set designs of the BOP are at such a professional level that it is hard for me to fathom this is at someone's home. Each year, the owner, Brad Goodspeed, does a top notch promo video which has become one of the few staples for our own personal "Happy Halloween". We love to see what he comes up with each year to further the development of his characters and back story and these are professional promo trailers like you would expect to see of a movie preview at the theater. If your unfamiliar with "The Butcher of Provincetown", check out their annual haunt videos and promo trailers on YouTube.

As circumstances would have it, I've had several opportunities to meet and talk with Brad Godspeed over the last couple years.  This year he and his family stayed with us for a couple days while they visited Universal Studios. As if the Halloween and haunter talk weren't gift enough during their stay, Brad brought me a latex mask he sculpted and poured last season. I am such a fan, that it's like owning my own little piece of the "Butcher of Provincetown". While it's not one of the current characters it has that same BOP "look" of his main characters. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Finally,  in addition to the walk thru of the manor cemetery for the obtaining of the candy, we have committed on doing an actual walk thru haunt this year. The scope of putting a walk thru haunt together has kept this on the wish list for a few years without much hope of reality. Finally, I think we are going to be able to pull off something this year for our friends and neighbors that will be visually spectacular and unique for home haunters in our area.   Financial investment in the project has been made, so now there is little chance of backing out. Pretty sure I'll be posting, maybe vlogging (?) the task of getting this all together. More specifics to come!

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