Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Part II

Maybe I should have a New Year's Resolution to stop procrastinating... Sorry about the delay in getting the rest of our goals out. I would be curious to see the goals of our fellow haunters too folks. Please send me a link to your Facebook page, blog, website or however it is you get the word out.

Here's the last of our Halloween related Goals for 2013;

5. Fog Chiller - We've been using a Chauvet fogger for the last three years that has lasted well so far, and one Spirit fogger that lasted exactly 1.5 Halloween nights. The half night being this past Halloween. Needless to say Spirit will not be making any further fogger sales from us. Not sure where Spirit stuff is made but they might want to watch the quality control. "Sad" Spirit, just "Sad".
Anyways, aside from the dismal failure of the Spirit Fogger we've never been satisfied with keeping the fog as low as we'd like. I tried to build an ice chiller last year but it failed to be chilly enough I think.. I'm guessing it was to small . I think another attempt at making a fog chiller is in order for this year. Since my last failed attempt I found a good tutorial using a plastic container that a certain brand Kitty litter is sold in. I just need to find someone with a kitty.

6. Halloween Horror Nights #3 - Ironically I have lived here for over 20 years a whopping 25 minute drive from Universal Studios but until the year before last had never attended Halloween Horror Nights. We've had enough fun the last two years with our family that year number three has to be part of this years goals again. I've even come across some friends our age that  are interested in going. This could be a super fun year!

7. This final goal has sort of perplexed us since we began putting together a serious yard haunt three years ago. We have a relatively small gated community and although most seem to participate in giving out candy to the youngsters, there is very little outside decorating. We have one neighbor that goes all out and a couple that live next to us that always put out something that adds to the holiday, but we would really like to see the rest of the neighborhood get involved. This year we even had some adults without children come by just to check out what was going on, hopefully inspiring themselves. We thought about maybe sponsoring a house decorating contest or maybe some costume contests, even a Jack-O-Lantern carving contest. I'm just not certain how to go about it and whether we would generate any interest. It would be fun to see more neighbors get involved...

So that's about it! Not too specific, a margin for modification, but overall do-able for 2013.


  1. I would not use the kitty litter chiller. The ice melts super fast and you will be adding all night. Go for a nice wire to be through a long ice chest. The ice last for days and give you some really nice low level fog.

  2. Is that the vortex fusion chiller with the plastic kitty litter pail? It's been awhile since I looked at it on Halloween Forum but I thought it was getting good reviews? I liked the larger vertical design for hiding better than the horizontal ice chest is why I was considering it.