Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pinterest for Haunters

Admittedly, the Pinterest website is rather dominated by the ladies. At first glance, if your looking for pretty, frilly, lacey things, recipes, beautiful scenery and beautiful people, it's definitely the place to go find photos of such things.

I started dabbling with Pinterest this past year initially as an effort to collect graveyard images for faux tombstone inspiration. There are so many beautiful cemetery and graveyard photos that it's rather overwhelming trying to remember what keywords were searched to bring up a specific image or remember what cemetery has which specific tombstones. Collecting the photos in one location was so simple that it led to me creating other "boards" (themed collections) that I wanted to keep. Of course videos can now be included in your collections so I'm thinking it will be a great place to keep Halloween "how-to" videos instead of bookmarking the websites or forum and trying to remember which video shows how to make which Halloween prop.

I found several of my fellow bloggers also keeping Pinterest "boards" including: Emma from Little Gothic Horrors, probably one of my favorite organized boards, all keeping within the theme of her dark passions;  Marilyn Girling from Seeing Things, a nice collection of Halloween boards and some of her own creations, ( her shoe creations amaze me, although she is missing a photo of one of her best shoes with the Steampunk theme!); and Ked from WicKED Woods keeps a Halloween theme and even has a board dedicated just to Halloween Recipes.

Of course when you start searching for specific items relating to haunting and Halloween on Pinterest you quickly realize that while it is still dominated mostly of women, that not everything is frilly and pretty. There are endless boards containing photos and videos relating to people's love of Halloween, haunted attractions, ghosts, monsters and other things that go bump in the night. My first board "Of Graveyards" has gathered over 260 followers with over 200 images of tombstones, graveyards and cemeteries. "Fellow Haunters" also has over 170 followers. For the most part I'm guessing that the people following these boards of "gravely" images probably have similar boards of their own, and the followers of those people have similar boards and the followers of those people...


  1. Hi Mark; Thanks for the heads up on Wicked Woods boards, I should have known Ked was there somewhere! I've followed your Graveyards board for awhile and just "followed" your Fellow Haunters board...think I might have to do some likes and repins.

    I promise I will go right now and add those steampunk boots you love so much to my board.

    You are right there is a lot of frill on
    Pinterest but the horrible and haunted among us lurk in the the dark corners...:)

  2. Hi Marilyn! I'm sure there are others but I only know of you three so far. Yes! Get those steampunk boots out there so I can add to my Steampunk board! ;)

  3. Thanks Mark! We Haunters have to stick together! ;)

  4. Thanks, Mark! :) I was already following you and Ked, but I didn't realize Marilyn was on Pinterest, so I've just followed her as well. There are definitely some great spooky boards to be found on there, and it's so useful for keeping images stored and organized.

  5. There there are probably more Ms. Emma. I need to sit down one day and just make a list of all the best halloween boards.