Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good-Bye Halloween 2013

It was a painful process to pack Halloween away for the season. Halloween storage now dominates our upstairs bonus room and part of the attic, but it is all finally cleaned and neatly put away along with some mental notes about needed repairs or changes for next year. Except for some after-season haunt contest submissions I doubt there will be many thoughts of Halloween activity between now and the New Year.

Single Creek Manor - Hooded Sorrow 2013

I will of course be trying to keep up with our fellow bloggers who routinely inspire us and of course Face Book "Halloween people" who challenge us to be better than the previous year.

After the eating of the Turkey and giving thanks for our many blessings, we are "Skipping Christmas" here at Shingle Creek Manor. This is not due to any disdain for the holiday, we enjoy the Christmas season very much... when it remains in it's appropriate place, AFTER the Thanksgiving holiday.

Actually we're not skipping it, ( I just enjoy saying that, mimicking one of my favorite Christmas movies), we're actually hoping to find and celebrate an "old world" Christmas void of the massive commercialism that seems to dominate it here. I hope our plans succeed but I'll save the specifics for a blog entry at a future date.

Celebrate your Winter holidays in whatever way you see fit and above all, be safe!