Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shingle Creek Manor 2013 Video

Might be able to get a submission together for the " Home Haunter's Video awards" if I include prop building photos.

Note to self, " find a friend that has a good video camera that knows how to take night shots for next year!"


  1. Awww man, now I want it to be Halloween again... Great video!!!

  2. Tahnks, but I need a month or two to organize and restock my shop before anymore Halloweens! :)

  3. Impressive as usual Mark. At least we get to see all the wonderful detail and work that goes into your prop building. Always an inspiration.

  4. Thanks OB. Was hoping for more this year but just didn't happen. Already planning for next year!

  5. Fantastic! Leaves me begging for more! Can't wait till next year!

  6. That was so brilliant, Mark! You serious haunters are so clever! Such incredible props! Loved it!

    I actually made a little film of my sad, tiny, corner-of-the-living-room-haunt this year. Haha. I'll probably post it in a couple of weeks. My props are utterly dinky, of course, but it was good Halloweenie fun. ;D

    1. Thank you Emma. Yes! I actually enjoy looking at people's interior decorating at Halloween as much as yard haunts. Post your video and or photos!