Monday, April 7, 2014

New Acquisitions

Acquired some new items today!

These were nothing we were actually looking for when they were found, but of course there's always room for reapers and gargoyles at Shingle Creek Manor. Not sure what we'll do with a dragon but he's pretty cool.

Belinda met up with one of her old friends that "knew" a lady and Belinda got the "friend deal" that she just couldn't pass up... and I'm not asking any more questions...

Thinking he may be part of a new sign on the entry column. Never been happy with the one we made.

This a very cool dragon. Not sure how he will fit in but she couldn't pass it up.
Nobody needs an ashtray in this house but could be molded for a cool headstone adornment?
I want a smaller version of this guy for some fence post finials!
Know a guy looking for some lamps for his column- wonder if this would fit the bill...

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