Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shingle Creek Manor on Facebook and Other Strange Anomolies


Thought maybe we would get with the times and put together a Facebook page for Shingle Creek. Manor. Our blog of course will continue with our haunt crafting successes and failures, and of course appreciation of our Halloween discoveries and friends. If your on Facebook, we'd appreciate the "like" of our new page, likewise if you have one, send us an invite please!

We're hoping to generate a little pre-Halloween interest among our neighbors, and people passing by the house, with an October 1st "Facebook Tombstone" inviting them to the page. Looks like the tombstone is going to be our first prop for 2014, although the voices in my head keep changing the design.

If you follow our blog you'll know beginning last year I've been trying to do a video of the haunt each year and submit it to the various competitions. I've never done video editing and it's been a blast even though I have the limitations of an Ipad to edit the video. My PC is for all intensive purposes an antique and of little use except maybe as a paperweight. It is surprising what you can accomplish on an Ipad though. But, I digress, as much as I was disappointed with the photos this year, I put together a video and submitted it anyways to several of the annual competitions...  aaaaand...  we won an award!!!

The "Dead with Dave" Haunt Home Haunter Awards gave us "Best Static Prop" for our "Hooded Sorrow" monster mud statue! We were very excited watching the award show and hearing 'Shingle Creek Manor" as a nominee in the award category and about fell over when we won! Very Fun night! Thanks again to Dave Dankanyin, the host and promoter of the awards, and all the judges.

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