Monday, July 7, 2014

First Halloween Sighting!

Garden Ridge Skeletons
 My fellow Halloween blogging enthusiast, Lisa,  at Maple Grove Cemetery  recently posted a reminder that "Garden Ridge" is usually one of the first retail stores to get it's Halloween decor out. Although I've seen some Fall decor at various stores, I hadn't seen any Halloween decor. Usually The Dollar Store is one of the first. I paid a visit to "Garden Ridge" today and sure enough, this year's first sighting is at "Garden Ridge" ( soon to be known as "At Home"). Check out Maple Grove Cemetery for a really good review of most of what they have this year.

Thought this guy was pretty gruesome!
Partial Skeletons
Most of the partial skeleton variations which included the skull, some low quality hands on bendable arms and then some tattered clothes were $39.99 . The complete skeletons without tattered clothing were $49.99. Joints for the arms legs and hands on the complete skeletons were the metal bracket type.

Basic Jack-O-Lanterns in need of "customizing"
First Halloween sighting would not be complete without gratuitous body parts!

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