Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Halloween Weekend Coming!

This Saturday we will be attending our second Florida Haunter's Social in Ocala, Florida, hosted by Bill "Dr. Terror Eyes" Ramsey. We didn't make last year's social but attended the year before. It's a great place to meet other Halloween enthusiasts, see people showcasing their work and learn new methods and techniques for prop building. As an added benefit, "Dr. Terror Eyes" always comes up with cool giveaways and free food!
Dr. Terror Eyes, photo by Lost or Forgotten Photography
We're trying to help out this year by teaching how to "lifecast" using alginate and  liquid plastic resin. So this week, while Belinda is recovering from her second foot surgery this year, I've been running around trying to get together the materials for our class. Even though she's pretty restricted on walking without crutches , her arms and hands are working fine. Her part of the preparation process therefore was to let me mold and cast her hand, so we could estimate material quantities and the molding container size. I think it turned out pretty good.

Belinda's "Zombie Ground Breaker" hand pose waiting for some color
Hopefully I'll get some good photos and or video at the "2014 Florida Haunter's Social and Make-n-Take" and post a story on the day's events.

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