Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 Shingle Creek Manor Pre- Planning

Christmas is over, decorations are down... and mostly packed away,  a New Year has started. I can't help myself but to begin planning for improvements to Shingle Creek Manor 2015. It really is a half year of figuring out what to do and the other half year of trying to make it happen.

Even though there is much to do in the "real" world and it is highly unlikely I would pick up a tool or paintbrush to do anything except household repairs, now is the time to start looking for materials and coming up with reasonable ideas of things we can complete.

2014 -Young Captain Jack Sparrow with Neithra "the Summoner" - old enough to know it's all make believe but young enough to still be cautious, just in case  it isn't. A great age for building Halloween memories...
If the planets are in correct alignment, no unforeseen bills find their way into our mailbox and a few other variables don't work against us, attending Transworld's 'Halloween and Attractions Show' may finally be a reality this March.

This is the largest haunt industry show in the world and mostly for entertainment industry people, but they open it up to home haunters if you meet certain criteria.  The show is full of props, costumes and special effects that no one is going to find at their local Walmart. I'm really hopeful we'll walk away with some new ideas and maybe a prop or two for 2015. At the very least, I'm pretty certain I can find some trouble to get into there.

Not sure how much of a fair fight this is, our zombie has no legs...
Overall we're pretty happy in the direction we've been going but just want to take it up a notch!

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