Friday, January 30, 2015

A Place for My Creepy Things

Spent a few hours the last couple days working on my mini coffin built at the Florida Haunter's Make and Take. I don't have any skeletons this small and probably wouldn't use it in our graveyard so decided to make a curio shelf out of it.

Mini coffin curio shelf

The original construction was from cypress planks for a fence which is pretty rough wood so I just opted to paint it flat black. I removed the door and then I wood glued some Poplar wood braces across the back, and screwed in a couple "D" ring hangers so it could be hung from the wall.

Used some wood glue and a pin nailer to put a couple supports across the back.

Shelves and shelf brackets were made from some scrap lumber and painted black as well. The shelves were actually thin 1/4" plywood so I used some black and white Ebony wood across the front of each shelf to hide the edges pf the plywood. I love the look of this exotic wood but it does have pretty limited applications. This seemed like a good use for it.

Finally have a nice place for our skull we bought during our trip to  Sedlec Ossuary outside of Prague
Overall it was an easy conversion. Most of my time was spent painting. Thinking I might like to build one from scratch so I can give the wood a nicer finish and maybe make a  glass front from the coffin door. Most likely I'll never get around to it....

This one will go up in the shop where it won't alarm the non-Halloween visitors.

If you want to make a mini coffin you can get the dimensions from John Nilsen's "Spyderwood" Facebook page. The dimensions are located in a photo folder called "Rustic Coffin".

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