Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pumpkin Rot 10,000

Just read tonights post by Pumpkin Rot. It seems he is celebrating his 10,000th blog post...

Still my favorite I think. ( Photo property of Pumpkin Rot)
There are a handful of people in the Halloween realm that I draw inspiration and motivation from. "Rot" and his wife "Bean" are at the top of that list. I can remember my son showing me the "Pumpkin Rot" website some years ago now.  I looked at all the photos and watched the videos repeatedly, amazed by the various "scarecrows" and how they were so different from anything I had ever seen.  To that point, I had no idea people created such things for Halloween.

As a Halloween enthusiast too old to trick or treat there are still some things I look forward to during Halloween. Seeing the annual Pumpkin Rot' Halloween creations, photos and video is a major part of my season.

I always thought "The Halloween Poem By Rot" encapsulated the spirit of the home haunter. I think it's become lost over time in all his posts and wanted to re-share it as tribute to all that the anonymous "Pumpkin Rot" and "Bean" have given to the Halloween community.

Thank you Rot for all your Halloween art, videos, comics, writings, and recognition of others in the Halloween community for 10,000 blog posts!

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