Saturday, November 7, 2015

Post Halloween Blog Reboot

Well, this makes perfect sense to restart your Halloween related blog AFTER Halloween is over...

Such a busy last few months, plenty to write about but no time to sit down and get my thoughts together. I have tried to catch up on the blogs I follow and make comment here and there. I have also tried to post and keep caught up on that evil time-killer "Facebook".

The latter part of the year has kept us busy coordinating and planning my son's wedding in Chimney Rock, North Carolina. Likewise it put a significant dent in any extra monies that would have otherwise gone to Halloween. Such is the story of important family events.

"The Crow Men" one of our fun static props and also a separate costume for this year's yard haunt
While we were in North Carolina, (the first week in October), signs of Fall and Halloween at every corner and store front reminded me of how much I needed to get done before Halloween and how truly far behind we were. We spent time at some markets in Bat Cave, North Carolina making it even worse. "Bat Cave", whose name just screams "Halloween", has mega road side pumpkin and apple stands, and I even saw a sign for a haunt where you could shoot zombies with paintball guns.

We stopped at a cider mill in Bat Cave to buy some fresh apple cider where we met a young woman with the most elaborate and beautiful Halloween tattoos on the sleeves of both arms. Belinda struck up a conversation with her so we could see her tattoos. We tried to tell her we were Halloween people but it seemed kind of useless. A person who has her arms and shoulders tattooed with Halloween scenes kind of takes the moniker "Halloween person" to a whole new level. We were just Halloween observers...

"Requiem" a violin playing skeleton statue on a stone column was our singular large prop for the year. 

So it will be my intention to gather our few photos and videos and try to compile our annual video as soon as I get Shingle Creek Manor put to rest. Cleaning and storing props easily takes a few days. Meantime I will post some of our few photos and document some of the season's highlights.

A very belated "Happy Halloween" to our blog friends and fellow bloggers. the remainder of November will be dedicated to catch up before the craziness of Christmas begins.

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