Saturday, January 2, 2016

...and So It Begins

Christmas is over.  2016 has arrived.

We had company for  Christmas, my wife's family came to visit. Nice to have children for the holiday. They brought me the flu to start off my new year.

My immediate thought has been this might not be a sign of good things to come for the year...

Flu be damned, between fevers, hacking, coughing and keeping the cold drug and tissue companies in business,  I managed to finish our annual Shingle Creek Manor 2015 video.

It felt like a struggle this year. Software changed and it was like learning it from scratch, couldn't find a song I wanted to use,  and once again,  kicked myself in the butt for not having enough video and photos to choose from.

Whining aside, ... it's done!

Wishing our friends and family a happy and blessed New Year!

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