Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Bat Ranch" and Other Weekend Strangeness

These gateways are pretty common to ranches here in Florida, usually with the ranch name or cattle brand on the top. This giant bat is a bit out of the norm though. Saw this on my drive to Apopka, Florida this past weekend.

I really don't get it... A defunct haunted attraction entry? Is this a bat farm? Winter home for a vampire? There was no sign anywhere, just the bat.

Looking down the dirt road all I could see was a pole barn, and the small fuselage of an old airplane both slightly overgrown with vegetation. While it was probably a Halloween decoration someone never took down, I like to think it was a bat ranch! Figured it was best not to trespass to investigate to learn for sure though. I'm betting bat farmers don't take kindly to trespassers!

Ironically, this wasn't the strangest thing I saw this weekend...

Dog's water diving contest

Pig races
There was lots of fun stuff to watch at "The Old Florida Music Festival" in Apopka, Florida. Unusual stuff, but fun nonetheless. 

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