Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Santa...

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I love me a good Margarita plus this Tequila has the advantage of having the coolest bottle ever! It's Kah Tequila and the Kah Anejo is described as having aromas of Chocolate Tobacco and Coffee! I know it's Halloween but is it too soon for a letter to Santa??


  1. Beautiful bottles! Maybe I'll make a request to Santa, too. I've got a post coming up tomorrow about Crystal Vodka, also bottled in a skull.

  2. What more could one ask for? Beautiful bottles that contain the makings of margaritas! yay!

  3. Oh...I MUST have me one of these bottles, and I despise Tequila, but that bottle is fantastic! I bought the Crystal Skull vodka for the same reason...although I can drink vodka! Thanks for posting these...I'm putting it on my wish list!