Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's All In The Details

,,,well at least for us it is. A yard haunter friend was recently giving some feedback on a prop and stated that he got by with the "cheesy look", (his description not mine, the photos I saw of his props and setup looked great) and he counted on the alcohol and the darkness to enhance his scares at the mega adult Halloween party he throws each year.. Besides a laugh at the logic to his haunt enhancement he got me too thinking we probably do spend too long working on the little things. I mean, after all, it is dark, and we're only dealing with children. We certainly could build more props if we spent less time fretting over the little things. I notice some haunters do and some don't. In the scheme of things neither is probably right or wrong, just different.

I think though that trying to make things look authentic, if there is such a thing in the imaginative world of haunts, is one of the things we enjoy most about building our props. Last year we had no finials  on top of our genuine imitation iron fence because we couldn't agree on any of the options we saw in forums and the cost of real finials isn't even an option. This year we came up with a plan using some Gothic style Cross pins from Oriental Trading, some cork stoppers, and some hot glue we could make our own finials. So while Belinda spent hours snapping the pins of the back of each Cross and gluing each to a cork, we discussed spending the time to give the fence and finials some rust and corrosion in the paint job. It will probably take more hours than we'll want to spend and most people won't even notice, but for us its all about doing the best we can even on the little details.

 Gothic Cross from Oriental Trading Co. and cork stoppers to fit in the top of each PVC fence pole. One down...

Couple hundred to go!


  1. I am truly impressed with your eye for detail. For me that is the difference between "OK" and "Freaking Amazing!" when it comes to Halloween props. Can't wait to see your finished fence. A very creative solution!

  2. It really is all in the details. I applaud your efforts and cannot wait to see the outcome!

  3. You know...I had to laugh at this post because I am a 'detail' girl too! I freaking LOVE details. And I'm guilty of creating less volume due to that love spending time on the fine details of things. And you're right...there is no right or wrong way of doing it because we are all just doing what we enjoy, so it's all good! Happy Haunting! :o)