Monday, October 24, 2011

Last Minute Projects

We're just finishing up some last minute tombstones and fences. "Norman Bates - devoted son" was a new one this year but it sort of lacked so we dulled a knife, rust-ified it and cemented into the foam for some added effect. I'm not even sure most youngsters have even heard of the movie Psycho though...


  1. Love the rusted knife! Great use of a picture frame around the name, looks terrific.

  2. Ah nice, classy touch,

    We watched Psycho with our little neighbor down the street, and it immediately became pretty much his favorite movie.

    He even came back from Universal Studios with a Psycho t-shirt.

  3. Thanks. Not our greatest tombstone creation but I thought it was a good use of the broken picture frame. Although you weren,t suppose ot know it was a broken frame MJ! Lol!

  4. Used to love back when they had the Alfred Hitchcock show at Universal Mantan. I don,t think the Psycho house is even there anymore now.