Thursday, February 16, 2012

Florida Haunters - February "Make and Take"

Photograph property of "Ghostess", host of Florida Haunters

Going to the Florida Haunter's Group first "Make and Take" of the year this weekend. Been on the forum for about a year but first chance we'll get to meet some of the folks on the forum. If your a yard haunter, Halloween Forum, Haunt Forum, Garage of Evil and  a host of others are indispensable for seeing other people's work and getting tips and  ideas, but you might really enjoy being a member of your local groups and forums too. It's nice to know there are other people close by that have similar haunting obsessions, plus you all have the same environmental and weather conditions to deal with. The added benefit are the little "Make and Take" gatherings a few times a year. If your not a member of a local forum you really should consider it. If you live in Florida or visit Florida often, join us asap! I have found the people there friendly, supportive, and helpful. I think we are building lightning machines and fence panels this weekend! We don't have a lightning machine so its a good build for us. We already have too many fence panels to start a new design so will probably pass on that one.

Oh, and for Ghostess to get that photo above she actually took her "Bucky" skeleton to a beach..... I'm thinking obsession may have hold of her pretty bad! jk!

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