Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Really liked this idea of the shroud covering the tombstone and then recessing the inside to add details. My photo daytime photo doesn't do it justice but "Spyder" had to have spent a lot of time adding all the foliage and painting this one. It was a good weekend to get inspiration for this year's Shingle Creek Manor props!

Spyder's Halloween graveyard is called "Spyderwood". I think he should make a "Spyderwood" sign over his house in the same font as the historic "Hollywood" sign over Hollywood, California. Maybe add some bats or spiders around it!


  1. this tombstone is a beautiful work of art!

    1. Thanks Lady M. I thought so too. I know you've built a bunch for 2nd Street so you know the kind of time something like this would take.

  2. Nope not me - I think you are confusing me with the lovely Countess. I have never made a tombstone anywhere near as cool as this.

  3. Yes, I did lady M... I'm sorry...