Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Reindeer...

Been tracking the forum posts of fellow yard haunters here in Florida.  Ms. "Zarine", whose home backs up to the main road, says she always has a nice turnout of viewers at Christmas. Seems a roof top Santa and reindeer draw passers-by around to see and appreciate the decorating at the front of her house. Halloween decorations have never gotten the same attention though. People drive by the rear of her home oblivious to the Halloween yard haunt at the front of her home. What to do....?

...Halloween Reindeer on the roof of course! Being a lover of "The Nightmare before Christmas", Zarine has set out to build the skeleton reindeer pulling Jack Skellington and his coffin sleigh! Is that cool or what?!

When I saw the photos of the first reindeer build and the saw the number of pieces of each I had to share. The first reindeer build is amazing! The plans also call for Jack's faithful companion "Zero" and his dog house. More photos to come as the build continues.

Good luck Ms. "Zarine"! BIG project but definitely an attention getter!

Zarine's first completed Halloween reindeer

That's 32 pieces hand cut and sanded per reindeer!


  1. Wow, this is going to be one creepy display when it's done. My husband carves castle parts from the same foam so we know the work that goes into it, she's got some beautiful edges there! Can't wait to see this as progress goes forward.

  2. Speaking of... How goes the castle? Any new progress reports for us?