Monday, September 10, 2012

World Market Visit

Been a few years since I stepped inside a World Market store, to be honest I wasn't that impressed back then. We decided to take another peak inside a local store the other day as part of our annual Halloween reconnaissance. It turned out it was a really nice store, with a pretty big section of Halloween Decor, and even some unique stuff. If you have one near you, place them on your Halloween recon list. I don't think you will be disappointed.

So as I advanced past the Halloween section into the their Fall harvest decor section... I was drawn to a bright light shown down on a product display. Certain I heard the sound of angels rejoicing from the light, I moved forward to be met by the ultimate display of Fall spirit! Thank You World Market, I will return!

Lots and lots of Fall spirits, with pretty big stock of the Pumpkin Ale

A six pack of the "Angry Orchard" Apple and Ginger Hard Cider was taken prisoner during the recon. There were no was tasty!


  1. Just tried Blue Moon Pumpkin Beer, it was pretty poifect.

  2. Love world market - great spooky wines and beers and lovely decor. I gotta get there soon.

  3. Oh no - went to the world market today - had to drive ages to get there only to discover *HORRORS* Colorado law prohibit them from have more than one liquor license! So only one Cost Plus in the whole state can sell pumpkin beer and it sure wasn't the one I was visiting. Needless to say I don't have any - wah! wah!

    1. So much for Colorados laws helping the economy...that sucks.

  4. Oh I do love me some World Market at Halloween Time! Actually, my house is very bohemian all year round, so I actually love WM all year round, but Halloween is of course my favorite. I got a Sugar Skull candle that I love! And YES...a great selection of ales for the autumn season! :o)