Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Put Some White On Your Tombstones

This is our third year building our own tombstones. It seems like each year we get a little more bold with the techniques we've picked up from various artists in the yard haunt community. Probably no technique has taken as big a leap as "dry brushing" the white on the edges and highest details of each tombstone.  It doesn't necessarily have to be white, only a lighter color, but experimenting always brings us back to plain old white.

I think we first saw the technique in one of Terra Lair's videos on Halloween Forum. If you haven't seen any of them, check them out on YouTube under ScaryLadyVideos. (You have to love these people that create and teach us how to do some of what they do by making good videos... and for FREE!)

Anyways, at first we were a little sparing with dry brushing white over our paint combinations, after all it was suppose to look all dark and eery. After seeing how it looked more stone-like though we made sure each tombstone had some white dry.brushing. That first year, when we saw how the details popped under the lights, giving those sections or lettering a little more glow, it's become one of the most important parts of our paint schemes.

If you already dry brush your shaking your head and smiling, knowing how important it is. If your like me and had no idea, check out one of Terra's tombstone tutorials and put your white on!

Tombstone top to  your right has been dry brushed, the left side has only been sponged with the black over gray.

Little dark coloring used on the face but the shroud edges were given a bit more white for an extra depth under blue LED's

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  1. Cool Mark - thanks for the tip. This adds a lot of patina in my opinion.