Monday, October 15, 2012

First Corpsing

About finished up our tomb but we needed a withered decayed corpse to lay on top and give it some creep factor. Our corpse was just to have the remaining skin and bones and we had learned the plastic sheet corpsing technique at this years Florida "Make and Take" so gave it a try.

Tomb is done unless I can find some cheap candle sconces for either side of the skulls

This technique uses plastic painters sheets cut into manageable pieces and a hot air gun to melt the plastic into sections of skin on your favorite skeleton. Then rub and wipe off some wood stain to get the color you want. You can really go nuts with this technique and make big sections of flesh and decaying organs clinging to the bone but I just wanted some skin.

Upper torso is done except for a little airbrushing to darken the exposed spine and joints
We Cut and hot glued some hair from a wig to his scalp so he wouldn't suffer from Male Pattern Baldness. I used mostly 2 mil plastic sheet but also some .7 mil thinner stuff around the face and hands. Couldn't ask for a cheaper method. Two sheets of plastic and a small can of stain was about $10. The skeleton was the one I picked up last year at Walgreen's that the leg kept falling off.
Lower torso before stain is applied
If you need a good hot air gun for your projects, Harbor Freight has the one in the photo for about $25 with a coupon. This is it's second year of use with no problems and it works great with two levels of air and about seven levels of heat.


  1. Man that is great. I kinda like the stark white of an uncorpsed skele...but you are convincing me to corpse some up! Good job man!

  2. Thanks, and agreed, white looks good under the LED's but this one will rest on the tomb right up close to the path to e house so I wanted something a bit more creepy.

  3. Great job Mark, MUCH cheaper and easier method than the one we used last year, and probably much less toxic. Nice work!

  4. Great effect! I love it and will have to give it a go next year!

  5. Oh wow! He looks very goopy! I love it! Great job at corpsing :)