Monday, October 22, 2012

Go Team "Morbid Mayhem"

Been watching "Halloween Wars" on the Food Network again this year. While so far the pumpkin carvings haven't been as good as Ray Villafane's carvings were last year, the final creations have been really good and I thought the two teams going into the finals were well deserved.

Been cheering for Team "Morbid Mayhem", their pumpkin carver works with Villafane's Studios, but Team "Dead Men Walking" haven't created anything less  than spectacular. It would not surprise me if they win the finals next Sunday. If you haven't seen it before it out!

Morbid Mayhem

Small Scare Challenge from last years winners
Dead Men Walking


  1. This is a very fun show. I am amazed at the things people can do with cake, pumpkins and candy.

  2. We enjoyed watching this last year too. This year we did happen to catch one episode on the hotel TV while on vacation. And like you...I'm a big Villafane too, so I was disappointed not to see him back. But this is still a fun one to watch during Halloween! I'll have to go see if I can record the final on the DVR! Thanks for posting.