Friday, May 31, 2013

Halloween Extreme in Orlando

In a previous blog post I talked about how we were unable to attend the Transworld Haunters Convention this year for various reasons, not the least of which was the overall cost for out of state travel, room, and board. This year though, for the first time, Transworld, Netherworld and Spooky Empire combined to form a "Halloween Extreme" convention right here in Orlando in conjunction with the annual Spooky Mahem Convention. Between how-to classes, costumed characters, and a pretty good size vendor hall, it was a very busy three days of Halloween madness. If you weren't exhausted from that, there was a Zombie Walk, an after hours Zombie Prom, a prop building competiton, a prop contest and a costume contest. Overall it was an excellent weekend for us. We learned a lot, spent more money on props than we should have, and met plenty of fellow haunters. If you get the chance to attend this convention in the future, jump on it! I'd be surprised if you were disappointed!

Entry to the vendor room
This poor guy was skewered on a pike on the opposite side of the door. Though the detail to this face was amazing.

One of the masks on display by co-sponsor Netherworld. Just in case you need a little horror inspiration.

Photo op from Netherworld built by Distortions Unlimited

Not all the props were horror related, Dino Rentos had some huge mystical  or Fairytale type creations.
Dino Rentos

 Four of the previous contestants from Science Channels "Face Off" TV series were up for a Q&A session. I saw at least one of them doing some face painting if you needed to get zombified.
Plenty of people in some top notch costumes were around for photographing.

Some classes were hands on and required a nominal fee for materials. This was a fun mold making class with instructor Mike Layton from Scary Studios

 Netherworld has a new shop opening online. We gave these vintage replicas a second and third look. Alas, all our money was spent...

Spooky Mayhem was right down the hall with more rooms of vendors and characters. While it isn't really our thing because it's mostly about the Hollywood or movie side of  horror, some of the costumes people wore were amazing, like this one from "Beetlejuice".  I know a fellow blogger who is all about anything Tim Burton that would have appreciated this costume.

Belinda is always making new friends. This guy was a bit clingy though...


  1. BEETLEJUICE!! Haha! That's fabulous, Mark! So glad the convention turned out to be so great for you.

    1. Thought you would get a kick out of that Emma!

  2. That looks like it was amazing! I'm very intested in seeing the vintage stuff that Netherworld will be offering online. Do you know when they'll open that up Mark?

    1. I think the site is . She said it was opening "soon" but I didn't nail her down to a time. We just told her we were admiring the vintage stuff and said they had a lot more than what was on display and would be available in their store. Sent them an email. I'll let you know what they say. The ones they had on display looked like good quality.