Monday, May 27, 2013

"Making Monsters" - Coming Back for a New Season!

The last few years we have really enjoyed some of the Halloween television programming, and it's become part of our Fall season traditions to make sure we tune in to them. Included in our most favorites is  "Making Monsters" on the Travel Channel. Ed and Marsha Edmonds, are owners of "Distortions Unlimited", long time makers of masks and props for the Halloween industry. This seasonal reality series features the mayhem of running the business, and features some of the colorful characters that work there. It's entertaining to watch them put together a new creature from concept to setting it up at it's final destination.

One of the highlights of the Halloween Extreme trade show this weekend was meeting the owners Ed and Marsha. They were a really friendly couple. They showed a program from last season and did a short Q&A session later that night. I think meeting them was "THE" highlight of the weekend for Belinda! All of this might have resulted in a new prop for Shingle Creek Manor but I'll save that for a future blog entry.

According to Ed Edmunds, "Making Monsters" is back again this season!

Ed Edmunds, Marsha Edmunds, and Belinda - 2013 Halloween Extreme

Distortions Unlimited


  1. Glad you had such a good time at the Halloween Extreme show and intrigued by your Shingle Creek Manor prop teaser!

  2. I'm SOOO jealous that you guys got to meet the Edmunds!
    Glad to hear that their show will get another season :) I really enjoyed last season :)

  3. Will this show be on for a new season?!

  4. Anyone know if there'll be new episodes in 2014?

    1. According to a friend that spoke to Jordu, they are not filming this year. Travel Channel has not announce though.