Monday, May 20, 2013

Halloween Extreme!

So the Transworld trade show didn't happen for us this year as I'd planned in our Halloween goals for the year. Turns out we had a choice between a new central air and heat unit for the house or Transworld. It's Florida, guess which one we chose...

But then, just when I'd written off any Halloween trade shows, Transworld opens a whole new show here in central Florida, 30 minutes from home, Halloween Extreme! Got our advanced tickets and hopefully we'll have a weekend of haunting how to classes, looking at the props from vendors (maybe a small purchase or two), and meeting some celebrity's. I know Ed and Marsha Edmunds from "Making Monsters" and owner of Distortions Unlimited is making a presentation on Saturday night. Should be an inspiring weekend!


  1. Well, that worked out perfectly in the end! You get your air-con and a show. Have a great time!

  2. Oh yeah, I would have chosen the AC too!
    Glad to hear that ya'll are going to get to go to this new show :) Give us a full report!

  3. Awesome! I second the "take pictures" suggestion!