Thursday, July 4, 2013

Are We Behind?

Our garage door stays closed now from prying and occasionally critical eyes in the neighborhood.

"The people that live in that corner house, building HALLOWEEN stuff in the Summer!" If they only knew the time it takes.

2013 props are under way, albeit in small incremental stages. Belinda is building a detailed mausoleum facade covering our smaller garage door. She's been doing something different with the details and trying a new copper patina look. I'll share some of the results this week.

I am attempting a new cemetery statue from a photo I saw and collected on Pinterest. I don't know the actual name of it (if it has one) but it's from Verano Cemetery in Rome.  I am sure there will be several other smaller items added but these are our 2013 biggies I think.

One of our "store bought props" we ordered at the "Halloween Extreme" show has arrived. As there was a disappointing lack of production quality from a manufacturer we were excited to be able to buy from, I am refraining from any comments while trying to keep it in perspective. It may just be me overreacting to expectations about what you pay for verses what you get. More on that a bit later I think.

Anyways, there have been plenty of haunter updates on Facebook, haunter's YouTube videos, and fellow bloggers, I feel like we are running behind in comparison. Our yard haunt is not as big as most though and it is only July... then again how many actual "building" days are there until Halloween...


  1. You are not behind! ~I~ am behind and all I really plan on building this year is a fence. I already have the measurements & general idea of the look I want. But haven't touched a single tool or even acquired a single piece of wood. Nada.
    70 feet of fence existing nowhere except in my melon.

  2. Maybe we're BOTH behind Lisa! Don't envy you, making fence panels is my least favorite thing.

  3. "If they only knew the time it takes."

    By my calculations, we have 17 weekends until Halloween. I MAY get to work on Halloween props one day per weekend. Chances are, there will be obligations, illness, or what-not and I won't get to work even that. So, best case scenario, I have about 15 prop-working days until Halloween.

    Now I panic.

    1. Yeah, that sounds about right Jim! Plus I won't have the ambition to create all 15 of those days... Thanks for adding to the anxiety!