Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yankee Candle Halloween Preview 2013

We enjoyed ourselves at the Yankee Candle Halloween Preview Party last year about this time. This is when they release their Halloween candles, Boney Bunch Collection and other Halloween collections.

I happened to notice the date was fast approaching and checked their website and FB page. As of yesterday, not one mention that the preview party is on August 3, a week away.  I found a flyer on a couple of Yankee Candle Store sites and called the last remaining open store in our area to confirm. I wonder if this lackluster attention to advertising is why they have closed so many of their stores? Next to Christmas you would think this would be a big deal for them. Then again, what do I know about candle sales...

Boney Bunch collectors have managed to scan the following pages showing the new pieces for 2013. Even though it's more of an "event" than a "party",  some Halloween scented candles and a new Boney Bunch piece is a nice way to start the season. We've been burning the last of our remaining Apple Pumpkin tarts in the shop this past week so the timing for some new Halloween scents is perfect!


  1. I stopped in my YC store and asked about it. The one girl must have been new, since she stared at me blankly when I asked. But then the lightbulb came on and she could answer. The manager told me it is a fun & crazy event. I've never been to one, so I've been thinking about going. I sort of like the prom couple & that guy with the bottle & glass.

    1. It was kind of like Black Friday, people gathered outside waiting for the door to open then a mad rush to pick out their pieces when they opened the door. They had giveaways every hour but we made our picks and purchased them before the first giveaway. Have fun, good luck!