Monday, July 8, 2013

"Haunted Halloween Calendar" ...Okay, So I'm 6 Months Late

Always admired the tombstones created by Canadian yard haunter Hector Turner. Recently on the Facebook "Haunter's Hangout" I discovered he is also the guy that sells the annual Halloween Haunt Calendar. I ordered a reduced price copy of the 2013 calendar and received it in the mail today.

It's a pretty nice calendar as far as quality, full color, nice paper stock etc., plus each month it's got various yard haunt photos submitted by haunters proudly displaying their creations. I intended using it as a countdown calendar, which is convenient because each date also has the corresponding days remaining until Halloween.

Mr. Turner is still taking photos at his website for the 2014 calendar so it's not too late to submit should you so desire. While your at his site also go to his "Blackstone Cemetery" page and there are links at the bottom of the page to photos of some of the fantastic tombstones he has made. I pilfered a couple posted below to just to give you an idea of the amount of creativity and detail he puts into them. I also read he is doing a tombstone class at the Canadian Haunter Association's Scarefest . If your in that area I would try to make it.

Hector Turner's tribute to Howard Lovecraft, the tentacled have cheerios glued to them!

"Broken Tombstone" by Hector Turner

Simple yet lots of detail - Hector Turner


  1. Ha! The Cheerios on the tentacles is a brilliant idea! Love the Halloween countdown component of the calendar!

    1. I agree Emma, build your tombstone and have an edible treat at the same time!

  2. I totally love that first one with the tentacles....very cool! I wish I had it in me to create some cool custom tombstones like that! Thanks for sharing! :o)