Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Freddy" The Door Greeter - Reynolds Advanced Materials

Time to make the hands and feet for our new graveyard statue so I got to go to my new favorite art store, "Reynolds Advanced Materials". Actually I guess it's not an art store because it's all about sculpting and casting but what other art store can you be greeted by "Freddy" and assorted creature faces?!

Reynold's Advanced Materials
While  I'm there I realize that besides how patient and helpful the employees are explaining products and techniques to walk-in customers like me, they spend a lot of time helping people on the phone for their call-in or online orders. "Five stars for customer service," Reynolds Advanced Materials. The nice part is they don't even blink an eye when you tell them your building a graveyard statue... 


  1. If only all stores has a greeter like Freddy! *wistful sigh*

  2. That should have been: "had a greeter like Freddy". I'm so overcome at the very prospect of it, that I can't even write properly. ;)

  3. LOL! Agreed Emma! Think how much more fun your local grocery store would be with Freddy or zombies waiting for you at every turn!