Friday, August 30, 2013

Halloween Owl

This is the second year an owl has shown up at the house prior to Halloween, this time across the street above our neighbors house. I presume they want to do their part to spook up the Shingle Creek Manor but I've tried to tell them they're just too awesome to be spooky. Then again maybe they come here just for the snakes and lizards, hard to say, owls generally aren't too talkative...

Believe this guy is a Great Horned Owl
Sights like these I wish I had a nice camera with a zoom lens.


  1. He's very majestic sitting up there! I hope he sticks around for the Halloween festivities. :)

    1. Not sure what their predators are but I rarely see any unless it's late in the Summer, early Fall, then I won't see or hear them until next year about this time.