Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just Building and Dreaming About Building

We're still whittling away at our two main props for the year. We have the PVC skeleton portion of the newest graveyard statue and the platform she sits on finished but nothing photo ready to show. The mausoleum facade has taken most of our time and money so far. it is our largest prop to date. The doors are complete. The columns are 90 percent complete. Yesterday we worked on the roof portion. Lots of trips to Home Depot! Home Depot LOVES me this time of year.

I think we're close to being on target for completion time for these two major props by the end of August. Still have to buy additional lights and DMX cables to run them all to a controller. This was one of or more expensive goals for the year. Between the lights, cables and a replacement fogger I think our budget will be depleted even if we have time to get more props done.

These days I spend too much time on Facebook's "Haunter's Hangout" looking at the props being made, people's ideas and their YouTube videos. So much inspiration in one area, it is really hard to keep focus and not let the Halloween A.D.D. take over. If we were to do that we'd have a whole bunch of inspired projects started and none completed by Halloween. Still it gets me to dreaming about doing different things. Although I still like to use Halloween Forum, Haunter's Hangout is more convenient because we use Facebook daily. There seems to be more communication between haunters there too. I have met a LOT of people there! If your on Facebook and not on Haunter's Hangout you should consider it. The people there cover information on their props and upcoming Halloween events, and it's a good place to promote your FB haunt page if you have one ( on my "to-do" list ).

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