Friday, October 14, 2016


Due to personal difficulties this year, and honestly a complete lack of motivation to create anything, reluctantly, the Shingle Creek Manor Halloween display is cancelled this year. 

While it's a relief to avoid that last minute stress to finish projects and get everything set up that so many of my friends are going through, I am also a little sad that I have nothing to entertain our friends, neighbors and most importantly, trick-or-treaters. 

I'm trying my best to keep up with the Halloween social networking including various blogs I follow, but ask for a pass that I haven't been my chatty and witty self (though some of you probably never did notice much wittiness!).

That being said, I am trying to find my Halloween spirit and get a few more posts written on our blog of some Halloween related things that are happening. Meantime, I  wish my fellow haunters a great season and wish everyone the creepiest of Halloweens...


  1. It'll be very different for you to just hand out candy, I'm sure! I hope the Hallowe'en Spirit finds you. But mostly I hope everything's ok. <3

  2. Sorry to hear that all is not well at Shingle Creek Manor. Here is wishing you the best and stay in touch as I really enjoy hearing from you. I miss the "wittiness".

  3. Aw man, so sorry to hear that! Hope everything is OK with you & the fam and hope you find that Halloween Spirit!