Friday, October 21, 2016

Ghosting 2016

I put together this year's "Boo" baskets for the annual "Ghosting" of my grandson and son this past week. 

"Ghosting"(aka "You've Been Ghosted" or "You've Been Boo'ed") is our annual tradition that I learned of in my neighborhood when we first moved in. Now the ghost has moved on to my son's neighborhood. I have seen the tell-tale paper ghost taped to peoples windows in my neighborhood indicating they have already been ghosted though, so maybe it's still alive here as well.

My Ghosting Procedures are as follows: ( Procedures may vary according to your "Ghosting" ability)

1.) Ghost creates basket with instruction sheet on how to pay it forward;

2.) Ghost has a couple mixed drinks while waiting for darkness;

3.) Ghost walks the basket(s) of creepiness and goodies to the door of the person to be ghosted while trying not to trip over bicycles and other objects in the yard, because the ghost's son didn't turn on the outside light;

4.) Ghost rings the doorbell realizing he's just walked into a spider web on the porch prompting rapid flailing of arms and hands after baskets are set at the door;

5.) Ghost runs for parked vehicle, while passing neighbors look on in bewildered amusement at old guy pretending to run while flailing arms.

6.) Ghost trips over yard object anyways, smashing shin, and screaming string of expletives;

7.) Ghost goes home to tend wounds;

8.) Grandson opens door and is delighted.

This year Grandpa paid a visit during the annual night time pumpkin carving at my son and daughter in law's home. My Grandson was fully immersed in pulling the seeds from the pumpkin for some sort of family pumpkin seed recipe. Six "almost seven" is such a cool age for Halloween. Everything is still magic. 

Wouldn't you know it, ten minutes after Grandpa left, they got ghosted!


  1. Step 2-6 had me ROFL - very funny.

  2. Steps 2 and 8 sounded like the definite high points of the Ghosting Procedure! Six almost seven is the perfect age for Hallowe'en. I'm trying not to pressure my offspring into giving me grandkids but it's difficult. lol

    1. Have to try subtle hints like "Your out of the will unless I get Grandkids!" :) Happy Halloween Lynne!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! Those are some pretty awesome baskets.