Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Zombie Cake

I didn't attend the Zombie Fest in Lakeland Florida again this year. It's not far from home but seems like I always have something else going on each year they have the event.

This year I missed the cake they unveiled at the festival. It was done by my friend Scott Fensterer co-owner of "D'edible Delights" with Amber Santos, and their friend Lea Williams of "Got Candy". I thought it was so amazing I had to share their photos.

Scott states everything was edible including the hair?
I don't care if it's edible or not, I'm not eating that!

Some  people may recognize Scott's name from Season 9 of "Face Off". If this is any indication of what this group can do, I'd say they may want to be looking into Halloween Wars on the Food Network...


  1. After looking at that, I have to say I am not hungry. Not for cake. Not for zombie hair either.

  2. I guess you just have to close your eyes...(gulp)

  3. No! That's so wrong! Did anybody eat it afterwards? If they did, they have my utmost admiration and they must have the world's strongest stomachs. Bluck. :)

    1. Thats what I read, it was cut up and served! So you don't want a zombie cake for your Halloween party?!

  4. Can you imagine a piece of cake with that nasty eyeball looking back at you??? Afraid I would have to respectfully decline, and I'm not one to pass on cake!