Friday, January 20, 2012

I Got "Tagged"

 So there I was minding my own business when suddenly there was a drive-by tagging and I got tagged... Suspect is believed to be Marilyn J. Girling of Art Bliss. She is to be considered armed and dangerous...
Okay.. maybe not but she does tag people when shes not creating some pretty amazing art.

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 3 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you have tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ blah blah blah, you legitimately have to tag 3 people!

Ok so here it is I guess, 11 Random things about me

1. I've been in law enforcement my whole life...until recently. Almost four years ago I retired at a relatively young age from being a cop. Now I look to travel different roads,  like working on our yard haunt.

2. I love to watch feature length cartoons at the movies. Mostly Pixar and Dreamworks cartoons are my favorites and I'm pretty sure I've seen every Disney Cartoon ever made. Even as a grown adult its not uncommon to see me sitting alone in the theater, enjoying a good dose of cartoon non-reality.

 3. Speaking of movies, I'm somewhat of an addict. Not DVD's and TV movies but watching movies on the big screen in a theater is one of my favorite past times. Oh, and I have to be there early enough to see the coming attractions, If I miss the coming attractions it doesn't matter if I saw the movie, we were late.

4. People that are good at what they do intrigue me. Musicians, artists, career people, doesn't matter,  I admire them for their passion and in some cases their obsession for what they do, and the focus of so much energy on it. I myself have to work very hard to keep focused on a single task and I procrastinate something terrible.

5. I enjoy guitar. Alone in my studio I am a guitar virtuoso, playing rock, blues, classical, slow or at blinding fast speeds and never missing a note. 

Outside my studio or when someone else is listening... not so much.

6. I like to travel, especially abroad because things are so much older everywhere than in U.S.  Although I've seen a lot of U.S. too.

7. One of my most fun discoveries recently. If you don't know what this is, read "The Davinci Code" or watch the movie. Oh and they are not that easy to find in real life.  Damn that Tom Hanks, following them across Paris in the dark without even a flashlight, yeah right!

8. One of my most surreal life experiences was visiting the Louvre at night in Paris.

 9. I like to explore old cemeteries, old buildings, old anything pretty much. I hope one of our next travels back to Europe include the Catacombs of Paris and  Highgate Cemetery in London.

10. I don't believe in Ghosts. Isn't that sad....

11.  I like to do wood working and my goal for the last few years has been to get really good at unique furniture. I am currently working on a piece that I hope people with a passion for Halloween will enjoy. It has occupied most of my spare time since the New Year and I am pretty excited about finishing it and showing it.

Now for Marilyn's Questions:

1. What did you do growing up that got you into trouble? 

Hmmm.... I did a lot that should have got me in trouble but I can't remember really getting into trouble. Maybe I've blocked them from my memory!

2. What sound do you love?
If you live in the North where the snow falls heavy at times you will know this sound, otherwise you probably won't.  - Late at night, after a fresh snow, with no wind, or man made noise, usually in a quiet rural area. The heavy snow absorbs all noises. I like that sound of absolute quiet and stillness those conditions cause. Oh and that squeaky crunching noise snow makes under your feet in the silence. I hate the cold but I love that sound of silence.
3. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

Wow, I can think of many but I'm going to say... the birth of Christ. I think that would answer so many questions.

I finished!!! Thanks for reading. Who thinks this stuff up anyways???

I'm tagging:

Emma from Little Gothic Horrors
Lisa from Maple Grove Cemetery
P.E. Coristine from Halloween Holler

My 3 Questions are:
What is your greatest passion?

What is the single thing you love most about Halloween or the Fall?

Of all the movie monsters, demons etc. what was the one created that caused you to lose the most sleep?


  1. Hey, Mr Shingle Creek. I will respond (and tag) at some point in the next couple of weeks BUT I'm currently getting finishing up the process of moving back to Doha, Qatar to rejoin my husband. So, I'm kinda busy...not to mention being a little freaked out.

    But wanted to say a couple of things about your post:

    1) I love Scrat. In fact, when I saw the first Scrat short I immediately identified with his crazy energy and single purpose focus to the exclusion of all else...even personal safety. I am Scrat.

    2) I too want to get to the catacombs if we get to Paris again. I did get to Pere LaChaise last time and it was amazing! Been to Highgate (the East side) but wasn't able to get into West Gate as you can only get in there on a tour and scheduling didn't permit. If you plan on going I'd advise you to look into that because West Gate is where a lot of the really beautiful / interesting stuff is.

    See you on the other side...of the world, that is.

    1. Good luck in your travels P.E.! Wish I could say anywhere in the Middle East is on my Bucket List but I can think of too many safer places that interest me. Good to know about Highgate, Pere LaChaise is in those trip plans as well. We were going to the catacombs when we were in Paris but they were closed due to vandalism the night before. Be careful over there in Qatar!

  2. Super post Mark! I cannot wait to see what you are cooking up in your wood shop for Halloween, please post ASAP!
    Being a treasure hunter, finding the Arago Rose Line is on my bucket list, one of these days!

    It was fun getting to know a fellow Halloween addict a little better!
    Still armed and dangerous...Marilyn

    1. Thanks Marilyn, it was a challenge! lol! Finding the Arago Medallions is not that easy. I read even if you have the coordinates they are difficult to locate. I spent about a half hour and located three or four just my walking around the area of the Louvre. It was fun.

  3. The way you describe that quiet snow makes me want to move back north. I love those hushed, still snowy winter evenings. Today, however, its about 75 degrees so I am not seeing snow anytime soon! The catacombs are something else - they smell of damp and go on and on and on. The bones are stacked in very creative ways. It's a must see for a Halloween lover like yourself. Cool post!

    1. You must be a southern transplant to Lady M. I like to visit the snow but I don't want to live in it anymore.

  4. The best part of these award/tag shenanigans is learning such interesting things about the recipients from their responses. Living in Australia, I can only imagine the silence of the snow, but you painted an extraordinary mind picture. And, I very much look forward to seeing your finished wood working project!

    I'm covered in bruises because somehow I've managed to get multiple tags in the last couple of days. Not sure how I'm going to work this (gulp) but in the meantime, thank you for thinking of me!

    1. You must be popular then Emma! Hope you find time to respond!

    2. Finally got that tag post done. Sorry it took so long, and fair warning, I didn't play by the rules. ;) Bad Emma!!!

  5. Heehee, thanks for the tag!!

    You described the sounds of snow silence perfectly. That's one of the best things about snow!

  6. Thanks Lisa. Look forward to your responses. it does take a bit of time!